Sugar and Starch

Many sugar, starch, sweetener production facilities and ethanol, citric acid facilities use heat exchangers in heating and cooling processes, and separators and decanters in the separation process.

Plate evaporators are used for separation by evaporation method and are among the most suitable solutions in terms of high efficiency, investment and operating cost.

Naturem Teknik offers you turnkey solutions with world leader Alfa Laval equipment.

Starch and Sweetener Process

Naturem is with you from the supply process of basic equipment for modified starch & liquid sugar production to project delivery, including equipment for corn syrup production, corn starch production, wheat starch production, potato starch production, starch separation, starch washing, CSL evaporation, extract separation, sand and gluten thickening and water removal, heating and cooling.
In the production of sugar and its refining, there is continuous heat transfer to and from different fluids from the initial fruit juice (syrup and sugar syrup) to the final sugar sediment.

The financial feasibility of sugar production is dependent on energy costs. Naturem Teknik helps sugar producers to increase product quality and minimize operating and energy costs with Alfa Laval equipment’s thermal efficiency, such as WideGap plate heat exchangers and plate evaporators.

Alfa Laval offers advanced solutions for heating lime-treated raw syrup, clear fruit juice, syrup, sugar sediment, and other high-viscosity fluids, as well as heating and cooling raw fruit juice, lime-treated syrup, and other fluids containing fibers.

Raw Fruit Juice, Lime-Treated Syrup, and Other Fluids Containing Fibers

Alfa Laval products help increase energy efficiency in your sugar production plant by helping you gain more heat from your process. WideGap plate heat exchangers are particularly efficient for fluids containing fibers.

The fluid can be used as a heating medium for steam or low-pressure steam. The steam resulting from stage steam or final evaporation effect from the process containing fibers is traditionally considered as waste heat. However, a WideGap heat exchanger takes advantage of this energy. This provides a heat source saving that can be further utilized for other tasks such as electricity production that can be fed into the national grid or hot water for use in a local heating network.

Clarified Fruit Juice

Heating clarified fruit juice and utilizing steam leaks from evaporators as a heat source and condensing with Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers is an effective solution. This reduces energy consumption and maximizes the capacity of evaporators.


In sugar beet factories, AlfaVap plate evaporators can be installed as an additional stage parallel to existing Robert evaporators. The low weight, compactness, and versatility of the AlfaVap design allow it to be mounted almost anywhere to increase the evaporative capacity of existing installations. AlfaVap plate evaporators can also be used as a complete evaporator stage.

Syrups, Molasses and Other High Viscosity Fluids

Alfa Laval standard plate heat exchangers provide effective heating and cooling of high viscosity liquids. Additionally, rotary lobe pumps that are robust and resistant even to abrasive crystals in fluids are also among Naturem’s solutions.


AlfaCond plate condensers, which are ideal as a vacuum condenser, capture the condensed water separated from the cooling medium. As regulations on wastewater treatment become stricter, barometric condensers have become an ideal option in facilities where they are a traditional preference.

Sugar Liquids

Standard Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers can be used to heat all types of sugar liquids. For liquids containing residual fibers obtained from raw sugar, WideGap plate heat exchangers are especially efficient solutions.

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