Naturem provides solutions to reduce energy costs, minimize pollution and corrosion issues, and recover waste heat in other plant processes. Its wide range of Alfa Laval heat exchangers designed to meet specific requirements helps to significantly reduce capital expenditures and save space compared to traditional units.

With Alfa Laval heat exchangers, the counter-current flow enables a temperature difference of only 2°C between hot and cold fluids, making it possible to achieve significant energy savings with important heat approaches.

Naturem eliminates your problems with effective separation of liquids in the sludge, easy disposal, and conversion of solids into dry cake with Alfa Laval’s self-cleaning high-speed centrifugal decanters.

  • Cooling of the heated dilute solution
  • Cooling of weak phosphoric acid from filter washing
  • Heating of phosphoric acid before sulfate precipitation
  • Cooling of phosphoric acid product after evaporation
  • Cooling of shower acid
  • Evaporation of phosphoric acid
  • Cooling of final product

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