Naturem can assist you in recovering the solid suspended particles in the liquid coming out of the screw-type separators in your biogas plant by using decanter technology. This can significantly reduce the solid content in your wastewater after the separator, providing a kind of pre-treatment for your wastewater treatment plant if you have one. Additionally, you can recycle the solid matter in the water as fertilizer.

The decanter centrifuge equipment can increase the amount of fertilizer produced by removing the sediment in the liquid after the separator and reduce the solid content load in the liquid going to the wastewater treatment plant. The spiral heat exchanger equipment can provide product feed to the digester tanks at the desired temperature. These equipment can be externally manipulated and cleaned with no internal components for the digester tanks.

Membrane modules can improve the efficiency and quality of the output parameters in the wastewater treatment plant.

Evaporation systems can work on zero liquid discharge (ZLD) or minimum liquid discharge (MLD) without the need for a wastewater treatment system.

Naturem provides turnkey services for these processes and uses Alfa Laval equipment, as its official distributor, as well as pump equipment from Nova Rotors, Habermann Aurum, FWT, and Kreiselmatic, which it represents.

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