Wastewater Treatment

Naturem provides turnkey services in the field of wastewater treatment, using equipment from Alfa Laval (of which it is an official distributor), as well as representing Nova Rotors, Habermann Aurum, FWT, and Kreiselmatic pump equipment, to help you:

  • Maximize water reuse
  • Minimize energy and waste production
  • Reduce your environmental footprint resulting from water and wastewater
  • Reduce the amount of sludge you dispose of
  • Produce clean water for water recovery
  • Provide solutions for heat recovery.

Today, zero liquid discharge (ZLD) projects are becoming increasingly important for environmental protection in industrial facilities. You can get acquainted with this new technology, which aims to clean up your wastewater and return it to the system for potential reuse of your chemical components, without the need for an additional treatment system.
Naturem works on ZLD or minimum liquid discharge (MLD) without requiring a treatment system, using the evaporative systems it provides as a turnkey service.

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