Milk Process

Naturem offers turnkey projects in the fields of evaporation, separation, heat transfer, and drying processes, with a specialized team of engineers.

For your production of oily/non-oily milk powder, cheese whey powder, lactose, whey protein, and yogurt, Naturem installs turnkey evaporation systems using plate evaporators and provides the following advantages:

  • Compact design
  • High heat transfer
  • TVR & MVR systems
  • Low installation costs
  • Easy capacity expansion
  • High resistance to fouling and low CIP times

For milk cleaning, standardization, bacteriophage, and whey processes, Naturem offers separator modules with the following advantages:

  • Installs turnkey UF, NF, and RO systems with membrane modules. It allows you to increase your capacity by raising your Brix value before evaporation in your milk powder and cheese whey processing plants.
  • You can separate your milk from harmful live microorganisms using a pasteurizer.
  • You can homogenize and sterilize heterogeneous products using homogenizers and sterilizers, and sterilize the milk processed in your plant.
  • You can sterilize food and packaging materials separately with aseptic filling, bringing them together in a sterile environment and closing them hermetically.
  • You can improve production quality by using hygienic equipment such as pumps and valves associated with the milk process, thanks to the use of hygienic flow equipment.

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