Producers in the chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, and inorganic chemistry sectors constantly demand process and performance-oriented requirements.

Especially nowadays, due to high energy costs, plate and gasketed heat exchangers, welded, semi-welded, block type, and spiral type heat exchangers are preferred for their cost-effectiveness, energy recovery, and their use in heating, cooling, re-boiling and condensation duties.

Separator and decanter equipment used in the cleaning of process oils, dewatering of waste sludge, and separation for water recovery reduce investment costs, energy use and environmental impact, while increasing productivity.

Naturem, bu proseslerin gerçekleştirilmesi için anahtar teslim hizmetler sunarken, hem resmi distribütörlüğünü yaptığı Alfa Laval ekipmanlarını hem de temsilcisi olduğu Nova Rotors, Habermann Aurum, FWT ve Kreiselmatic’in pompa ekipmanlarını kullanmaktadır.

Intermediate Chemicals Production

Naturem has expertise and a comprehensive range of Alfa Laval equipment to meet industry needs for production of intermediates such as formaldehyde, polyols, organic acids, amines, or other petrochemicals.

Polymers and Fibers Production

Liquids containing particles and fibers place high demands on polymer and fiber process equipment. Naturem’s design experience, combined with Alfa Laval WideGap, Compabloc, and spiral heat exchangers, easily handles fibrous environments and increases efficiency.

Basic Chemicals Production

The production of basic chemicals requires maximum efficiency. Naturem matches equipment with your specific requirements using Alfa Laval equipment to reduce costs and energy usage, while increasing plant reliability and profitability.

Powder and Specialty Chemicals Production

Making fine and specialty chemicals requires reliable, cost-effective technologies. Naturem optimizes heating, cooling, condensation, reboiling, and heat transfer processes using Alfa Laval heat exchangers to increase profitability.

Hydrogen Peroxide Production

Hydrogen peroxide production requires highly efficient use of raw materials and energy, which is why Naturem has comprehensive process expertise and a wide range of compact heat exchangers from Alfa Laval to meet industry needs.

Hydrochloric Acid Production

Naturem increases productivity in critical processes for large-scale hydrochloric acid production by providing both high thermal efficiency and extreme corrosion resistance with Alfa Laval Diabon® heat exchangers.

Chlor-Alkali Production

Chlor-alkali electrolysis processes require more efficient and reliable heat transfer solutions.
Naturem Teknik offers individual components and complete engineering solutions that maximize profitability.

Soda Production

Commercial-grade soda ash production requires energy and intensive processes. Naturem Teknik helps minimize energy costs and maximize productivity using Alfa Laval’s compact and efficient heat exchangers.

Sulfuric Acid Production

Naturem aims to increase efficiency and reduce costs for sulfuric acid producers by using reliable, corrosion-resistant heat transfer equipment and process expertise.

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