Since 1883, when Alfa Laval was founded for the sale of the cream separator, the invention of Gustaf de Laval, separation technology has been the center of operations. This technology is used to separate liquids from other liquids and solid particles from liquids. With the developing technology over time, the use of technology including separating particles from gases has been expanded.

Particularly in olive oil production facilities, separators used to obtain a purer and cleaner olive oil are used to separate the solid particles in the oil.

Separation plays an important role in a number of industrial processes;

  • Processing liquids in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical processes
  • Crude oil extraction and processing
  • Cleaning fuel and lubricating oils on ships and power stations
  • Cleaning industrial fluids
  • Sludge dewatering in wastewater treatment plants

Naturem is with you to set up the system according to your needs by producing solutions for difficult separation processes using Alfa Laval technology and choosing the right equipment.
With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we are ready to provide solutions and provide the order you need, from basic separation tasks to solid and liquid components that are difficult to separate. We are at your side with our wide service network with the support of Alfa Laval after the application.