Paper and Pulp

The recycled paper manufacturer uses Alfa Laval equipment Aldrum technology to reduce sludge dewatering costs.

To convert the diluted raw material into paper, a large amount of mechanical and thermal energy is required. Paper mills use heat exchangers, separators, decanters, and pumps for fluid transportation in their applications for efficient thermal efficiency, maximum heat recovery, and water recovery, as well as for easy processing of process fluids containing fibers and other solids. Naturem Teknik offers process knowledge, experienced expertise, and the right technologies, equipment, and services to leverage raw materials in the most efficient way, improving performance while using less energy and water.

Solutions for Pulp and Paper Industry:

  • Increasing energy recovery
  • Reducing wastewater treatment costs
  • Reducing water consumption
  • Efficiently purifying by-products
  • Reducing chemical costs

Naturem offers key technologies and numerous products for the pulp and paper industry, including:

  • Plate heat exchangers with gasketed, fully welded, semi-welded, wide-gap, and brazed plates, spiral heat exchangers, plate condensers, and plate evaporators for heat transfer
  • Disc stack centrifuges, decanter centrifuges, membrane filtration systems, drum thickener, and automatic filters for separation
  • Tank cleaning jet solutions for cleaning

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