Pasteurizers – Sterilizers

Heat Treatment Modules Pasteurizers and Sterilizers

Naturem provides standardized thermal processing equipment as turnkey solutions using Alfa Laval’s equipment to eliminate or reduce the number of live microorganisms in products such as whey, raw milk, yogurt milk, cream, sugar syrup, honey, liquid egg, ice cream mix, beer, yeast, and margarine pasteurization, thus enhancing microbiological stability and extending shelf life.

These equipments provide your facility with:

  • Proven bacterial elimination process to extend shelf life,
  • Pre-engineered, energy-efficient and high-quality plate heat exchangers at the center of the process,
  • Stable and reliable operation that ensures precise and consistent processing of the product,
  • Minimum product loss with low holding volume in plate heat exchangers,
  • It provides hygienic and compact designs that require low maintenance.

Naturem also provides standardized thermal processing equipment, integrated with Alfa Laval’s SteriTherm VLA aseptic fillers and aseptic tanks, for the pasteurization of apple, strawberry, mango, fruit purees, fruit juice concentrates, jams and marmalades, baby food, banana, soups and sauces, and tomato puree and paste products, with the aim of combining aseptic filling materials and tanks to establish an aseptic thermal processing system.