Oil Process

Naturem specializes in the production of oil from oily seeds and fruits, as well as in the refining process of oil. As a leading company in the industry, it offers turnkey projects, equipment, automation, and process solutions, including extraction, degumming, neutralization, bleaching, winterization, deodorization, hydrogenation, interesterification, and lecithin plants, with its team of experts in the field.

Naturem provides turnkey services for the implementation of these processes, using equipment from official distributor Alfa Laval, as well as representative equipment from Nova Rotors, Habermann Aurum, and FWT pumps.

Degumming and Neutralization

With the turnkey engineering service provided by Naturem:

  • The modernization of hot and cold neutralization lines,
  • The conversion of lines to high automation processes,
  • The use of high centrifuge technology in Alfa Laval separators can minimize oil losses.

Bleaching and Winterization

With the turnkey engineering service provided by Naturem:

  • A higher bleaching potential with lower earth consumption,
  • The conversion of batch processes to continuous processes,
  • The modernization of Niagara type (pressure leaf) filters is possible.

Deodorization and Deacidification

With the turnkey engineering service provided by Naturem:

  • The conversion of classic tray-type deodorizers to high-efficiency Soft Column deodorization units with lower steam consumption for higher FFA removal,
  • The use of specially designed heat exchangers that can withstand high temperatures to reduce operating costs through heat recovery,
  • The ability to work with vacuum systems at 1 mbar or less while performing these processes,
  • The possibility of tocopherol recovery processes.

Oil Modification

Naturem offers turnkey services for:

  • Interesterification projects for oil modification,
  • Hydrogenation projects for oil modification,
  • Fractionation projects for oil modification.


Naturem offers turnkey services for:

  • The production of phosphatidylcholine,
  • The production of liquid and powder lecithin.

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