Naturem has numerous references both in Turkey and worldwide for its turnkey projects on utilizing fish waste or processing whole fish to obtain fishmeal and fish oil. Naturem offers turnkey services for the implementation of these processes, using equipment from its official distributor, Alfa Laval, as well as equipment from its representatives, Nova Rotors, Habermann Aurum, and FWT pumps.

As a company that helps producers economically recover waste that causes serious problems in fish, chicken, and meat processing processes, Naturem is with you. By utilizing these wastes in the rendering plants installed by Naturem, you can obtain new sources of income through the production of meal and oil.

Moreover, with the evaporation systems installed for the water produced in the rendering plants, you can recover the protein dissolved in water. The established systems not only allow you to produce high-quality meal with high digestibility but also help you to recycle your water into a usable resource for your operation.

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