Habermann Aurum

As the Turkey partner of Habermann Aurum, Naturem is by your side with centrifugal pumps that can be safely used in energy, iron and steel, mining, wastewater, sand and gravel applications, chemical, sugar industry, and heavy industry.

With over 100 years of experience and more than 30,000 installed pumps serving various applications worldwide, Habermann Aurum is a trusted partner for centrifugal pumps in industries such as mining and mineral processing, energy, chemicals, food applications, water and wastewater treatment, metallurgy, tunneling.

With the development of technology, industrial needs are becoming increasingly specialized. As Naturem, we analyze your needs for your industry and process and support you with our pump sales department, which is our separate organization, not only during the system installation phase. We offer suitable pump solutions for target applications to numerous our customers. We provide customized solutions upon request for your specific processes, providing support that can withstand even the most challenging conditions.


The information about the fluid passing through the pump is important for the pump to have a healthy and process-capable performance.

Slurry pumps are specifically designed for liquid mixtures with a high content of solid materials. It is crucial for each component within the pump to have a robust and suitable design for the flow of the fluid. As Naturem, we examine the purpose for which the pump suitable for your system will be used and what conditions are valid in the field, and recommend the pump that is suitable for you.

Habermann slurry pumps are a leading brand with solutions offered in the iron and steel, chemical industry, food applications, mining, agriculture, tunnel and construction processes and the energy industry.

We offer solutions up to 5,000 m3/h 9.5 bar in horizontal slurry pumps and up to 2,500 m3/h 6 bar in vertical slurry pumps.

You can contact us to choose the pump that will be suitable for your process.


Not all water used in processes have the same properties, therefore it is crucial for the pump used to be suitable for the process in order to maintain the health of the operation. Water pumps are designed based on the physical characteristics of the water being processed. The size of the system, the volume of water to be processed and the purpose of use are important in the selection of the water pump. As Naturem, we are at your side with Habermann water pumps specialized in this sector in many industrial applications as well as in the energy industry.

Detachable body (Split Case – double suction design), End suction, Multi-stage, Derinkuyu submersible type (borehole) pumps according to their application areas, contaminated liquids, power plants, water and wastewater applications and district heating networks, It is ideal in industries such as non-corrosive contaminated and solid-free liquid applications, mining, water cooling systems, drainage operations, irrigation, offshore oil rig works.

We offer solutions up to 40,000 m3/h and 150 bar in water pumps depending on the process. Please contact us to help you choose the pump that is suitable for your process.


Since chemical pumps carry toxic, highly explosive and corrosive liquids, they must have special designs and coatings. As Naturem, we are with you in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical or food production, chemical industry with Habermann’s chemical pumps.

There are UHMWE-PE, PP, PTFE and PU material types in chemical pumps produced in accordance with EN ISO 2858 standard, lined with HPN APFLex® polyurethane. You can contact us for your needs up to 400 m3/h capacity in the chemical industry regarding pumps, which are at the forefront with their resistance to abrasion.


Submersible pumps with a durable and easy-to-maintain design can be used wherever there is wastewater to be discharged on a construction site or wherever a burst pipe is causing problems.

With its tested ACrS technology and highly abrasion-resistant components, including a high-chrome impeller, our pumps provide reduced operating costs and long service life even in activities involving highly abrasive environments such as sand and gravel.

Naturem offers submersible pumps for wastewater treatment plants and construction industry needs up to 390 m3/h and 3 bar.