FWT Systems

Naturem has been specialized in liquid dosing pumps and measurement systems with its FWT brand for over 20 years.

With its motor-controlled DS – DM – MD series, it is a reliable solution partner to ensure the desired dosing in the purification, biogas, chemistry, food, paper, oil, energy sectors.

FWT offers On/Off pumps as a solution, as well as smart series with 4-20mA signal control or digital display. With a rich body content such as PP, AISI 316, PVDF, FWT pumps provide smooth dosing in all kinds of fluids. In addition to FWT pumps, it provides fully equipped solutions with its rich accessory content such as pulsation dampers, suction valves, etc.

Up to 1000 l/h capacity and 8 bar in the MD series
Up to 123 l/h capacity and 14 bar in the DS series
We are here to help you with our solutions up to 1000 l/h capacity and 8 bar in the DM series.

  • Suitable for your fluids containing solids
  • Suitable when zero leakage is desired